It’s not the banks, not the big corporations, nor the military. The cancer of the man-made world, are the fils-à-papa who run the show.

I am Wouter Soudan. I’m a humanities academic, turned typographer, turned frontend developer. Life turned me into a techno-libertarian anarcho-conservative cypherpunk, too.

I got a PhD in art history and did a post-doc in computational linguistics. In my Sturm-und-Drang period (when I studied classical languages and philosophy) I founded Van Nu & Straks, a bibliophilistic literary magazine. Before short, I was a professor of typography, lectured on graphic and UX design, and did some freelancing. Today, I make webapps and a living as a usability engineer. In my spare time I still design typefaces, tinker with my Original Heidelberg letterpress, and dream up software.

Latin or Cobol?

Allow me to disagree, Mr Scheire, since I contend that Latin is anyhow less outdated than FORTRAN, less niche than COBOL, and at least as useful as Java when it comes to learning new languages.

Easter 2015

On Holy Ground

Apollo’s sanctuary in Delphi is a holy place. I hoped to feel and breathe that solemn sanctity, and kneel, with pietas, before Phoebus Musagetes, the bright God of the Arts. Yet, when I arrived at the entrance of the ancient site, I found a late-capitalist scenery of people queuing at something more of a theme park.

2014, July 13

Treating myself with a personal website at (That’s right, the one you’re visiting.) I intend to post here links to the stuff I’m working on and which I deem — in some form or another — releasable. This website will also be an exhaust valve of sorts for my dormant discord with existence in general, and my unease with being a ζῷον πολιτικόν in particular. The website for my graphic design studio and webdev shop is still in limbo, but do have a look at my portfolio at

Whit Sunday 2014

Unreasonable seizure

Yesterday evening, my brother and co-founder found his home burglarized. In broad daylight — while he and his wife were out of work, their children in kindergarten — the police had entered and a bailiff inventoried the household. The intruders left a notice on the kitchen table: next month their furniture will be sold publicly.

May 21, 2014

Aan het loket van de Post

“Goeiemiddag! Er was een aangetekende zending voor mij?” Ik schuif het briefje onder de pansterglazen wand die burger en systeem van elkaar scheidt.

14 april 2014


Imagine there was no such thing as a “legal person”. Imagine no legal entity other than a natural person, born of the flesh, was granted property rights and could file lawsuits.

2014, January 7

RE: HN Poll: Was one of your parents a programmer?

My younger brother has been programming since age 12, got a MSc in CS, and runs his own dev shop since he left college. Most of what he knows, he learnt himself. I instead hated computer games, struggled with maths, became a humanities scholar, but always loved reading about science and playing around with software.

2013, December 30

The Glitter of Gems

Our universities are going down the drain. They’ve become cash-burning bureaucracies ruled by a managerial caste of impostors who speculate with the inflation of degrees, diploma’s and titles. Young idealist researchers are the proverbial children thrown out with the bath water.

2013, September 10

Productive Procrastination

A bitter rant on the paradox of modern society: productive creativity is being discouraged in favor of paperwork management.

2013, August 20

Proudly presenting our bleeding-edge cross-browser responsive web app to our client @Citypath_Gent. One of the first commercial webapps built on @meteorjs. Development by @sewdn, information architecture, UX, product design & frontend by @rhythmvs. Do check in at!

2013, July 11

Opensource tradebot to guard Bitcoin against speculation (and hyperdeflation)

Build an algorithmic Bitcoin trading bot (aka black-box): minimize risk, maximize profit, optimize speculative gain.

2013, April 5

Celebrating my 34th birthday: presenting our startup at Idealabs incubator, Antwerp. Sign up for gamma and start testing our app: ❤

We’re intellectual punks! We measure #brand equity for #social good. Building an app for #online activists.

2013, March 7

Authentica habita

Lezersbrief in Vɘto, gericht aan Em. prof. dr Ir A. Oosterlinck, Voorzitter ad vitam Associatie KU Leuven, n.a.v. het debat op 13 februari 2013.

25 februari 2013

In debat gegaan met de Voorzitter van de Associatie. I might have infuriated the über-rector of my Alma Mater, in public. Or, how not to secure one’s career in academia… ’t Staat op YouTube, in Vɘto, en in De Witte Raaf.

13 februari 2013

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